Sunday, November 23, 2008

Arkara Lagoons

This is a rather large posting, I know, but there is so much to show. I guess I could have split it up into smaller posts. I think I'll do that next time. This extensive array of natural lagoons, with the aid of human assistance, as quantities of sand were extracted from the lagoons for filters at the local waste water treatment plant, extends over several acres, in the range of 6-10 acres I would guess.
Late one afternoon, recently, I walked around the circumference of the lagoon system and took photographs of points of interest. There is prolific bird life around the lagoons but that was not my point of interest this day.
In these early photographs you will notice that the lagoons are wide and open, but this will change as I walk further around.
There is a "Friends of the Arkara Lagoons" group that voluntarily maintains and enhances the flora of the lagoons. This in turn enhances all the bird life in the area.
We are starting to arrive at the thicker forested part now and the sun-light will diminish.
Each area of the lagoons is very different, some open areas are habitat for water lillies.
There is abundant life in the water too. Fishing is banned. I'd wager that there are many fresh water crayfish lurking in these lagoons.
There are probably pythons in the trees, but I have never seen any.
A small patch of sun-light filtering through the tree canopies.
Around every bend there is another view.
All beautiful in there own way.
The flow of water is probably not frequent here.
Room only for one tree here.
It looks like you could walk on this water, but I wouldn't try it!
Quiet and still but the water is still very clear.
Soon be back into daylight again.
Black Swans reside here in the lagoons, the grey coloured juvenile, from last season's hatchlings,  is still with the parent birds.
Both parent swans with two additional juveniles. With a duck in the background.
Back to the open area again, almost back to the beginning.
People live around the lagoons but I was able to take all these photographs plus many more and there is no view of any homes.
We have completed the circuit now. I am so fortunate to live in this area, from this vantage point to my home is less than one mile. That is why I wanted to share it all with you.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Derelict Farm House - Queensland

Old, neglected and derelict farm houses tend not to remain standing for very long nowadays. I hope to capture as many as I am able with my camera before they are "no more". This sad old  house is without any windows and not many doors. I wonder how long it will be before it is demolished?
This is the same house, very same photograph actually, in sepia. I tend to favour viewing these old houses in sepia tone. It seems to me, to reflect the era that it was built. What do you think? I'd be thrilled to receive your comments.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Afternoon Storm Clouds - Dundowran Beach

Summer is our 'wet season' and storm clouds in the afternoon are a common sight at Dundowran Beach. This photograph is directed towards Toogoom, roughly N-W from here.

Pelican at Burrum Heads

The Burrum River at Burrum Heads is a great fishing area and of course Pelicans are aware of this fact, as well as human anglers. Why bother to fish for your self when some human will catch food for you? Just out of shot there are anglers cleaning their catch, this Pelican is standing nearby for the scraps (you can see the scraps in mid air, top left of this photograph).