Monday, October 27, 2008

New Family at Dundowran

Dundowran is where I live and this family of Noisy Minors made it their home as well. I followed their progress from the adults building the nest, to the laying of three eggs, and the constant sitting on the nest until incubation. All this transpired just outside our dining room window. One at a time the chicks would get up on the edge of the nest and flex their wings, preparing for the day when they would take flight.
The adult birds were extremely busy collecting all manner of insects to feed their young the entire day. I felt privileged to witness the industry of the adults and the growth of the young.
I was thinking to myself that the adult birds were super parents with the frequency of the visits to the nest. Then I discovered that there were more than two adults feeding the chicks. Apparently, the adolescent birds from the previous hatching were assisting the parent birds.
More feeding and the adult birds ensured all the chicks received an equal share of food.
Hey guys, it's getting a little cramped for space in this house. The nest was beginning to fall apart as well from all the activity of the chicks. I was fortunate that I took these photos on that day as all the chicks flew out the very next day. This was the first of three families that the adults had that season. All this activity happened over Spring and Summer of 2007.

Sunset at Point Vernon

It had been a glorious day here at Hervey Bay, I thought I would venture to Point Vernon and view the sunset. There were people relaxing in the tranquillity of the atmosphere. Some were just sitting and looking about.
Others were a little more physical and trying a to catch fish. These little boys were with their parents (out of sight in this picture) and had just run an errand to the tackle box for Dad.
This was the sunset that I waited for. There are no clouds to pattern the sky but there were small bush fires close by and there was smoke haze that created the 'all over' effect of this shot.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Quick Tour of Sunday Island

Sunday Island was, in the past, operated as a freehold cattle farm, it is now owned by a co-operative of members interested in maintaining the island as a breeding space for Fallow and Hog Deer. Access to the island is only possible by invitation from a member of the co-operative. Go to and see photos of the deer species in my Gallery there. Much of the island is sown to pasture but most of it is natural bush country.
More of the old farm infrstructure. Sheds, fencing, gates are scattered throughtout the island.
Laneways like this one link cleared areas through the natural bush sections.
Humans are not the only ones to utilise the laneways. Here are deer tracks leading from a pasture area to a secluded bush area where they hide themselves out of harms way.
There is, what you might call 'rustic' accommodation for authorised visitors. It does have water views though. The sunrise photos in the previous post where taken from out front of this cabin.
This is the detached bathroom behind the visitors cabin. Rudimentary, yes, but clean and functional.

Dawn with Stormy Clouds - Sunday Island

This happened to be a very cold winter morning on Sunday Island. This island is situated south east of the state of Victoria, Australia. I was able to capture a series of photographs as the sun rose.
Photograph two in the series, my fingers were starting to turn blue by this stage.
Still cannot see the sun, still behind the clouds, but it is definitely there!
Later in the morning, dark clouds have moved on but light rain is now falling and this magnificent rainbow appeared.

A Morning Walk - Hervey Bay

This was a wonderful morning for an early walk along the beach with my camera, and where is there a better place to do this than the beautiful Hervey Bay.
The Jacaranda comes into season in our Spring, in the wonderful State of Queensland, Australia. These trees are somewhat different to most, in that they are bare over winter then bloom with abundant mauve flowers that fall to the ground and produce a mauve carpet. The flowers are then gradually replaced by the foliage. The 'show' is at the beginning of the season and then the trees become somewhat plain over Summer.
Moha Moha is a recent piece of sculpture that has been placed on the Hervey Bay foreshore at Torquay Beach. The sea creature is reported to have a round body about 8 feet in diameter, a long fish tail, a long tortoise like neck and head and be about 30 feet in length.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Urangan Pier - Hervey Bay

After five weeks on the Sunshine Coast I have returned 'home' to Hervey Bay on the Fraser Coast. Hervey Bay is probably most noted for being the gateway to Fraser Island, the boarding point for various craft to cruise out and view the Humpback Whales that migrate past here each year and this pier. 
The pier is very popular with anglers. Who needs a boat when you can reach this far out into the water!
One final view of our remarkable pier, one of the favourite areas for the residents of Hervey Bay and our visitors.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Maroochy River Area

This is the Maroochy River at the city of Maroochydore. The river exits to the sea through the area where there is a gap in the coastal tree line. The river is a fabulous area for water activities such as swimming, boating or fishing. The surf beach is very popular with board and body surfers. I must take a photograph of the surf beach and include it in another post.
The climate of this area is classed as 'sub tropical' and we are heading towards the wet season. Each afternoon the clouds begin to build up and often produce overnight rain

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

South East Queensland Hinterland Drive

The South East Queensland Hinterland begins something like 20 - 30 Kms from the coast. The hinterland is, on average, liable to experience greater rainfall and cooler temperatures than that experienced on the coastal fringe. There is a geological formation known as 'The Glass House Mountains' located in the hinterland behind the 'Sunshine Coast'. These mountains are actually volcano lava plugs remaining after the surrounding volcano cone has eroded away. The two peaks in the first photograph are part of the formation.
With photograph two, I could not resist capturing the rustic charm of this derelict farm shed. There is an abundance of farm buildings in a similar state of total disrepair in the area. A decent wind would remove this building from the property.
This small cottage is representative of many of the dwellings nestled along the 'hinterland loop' after you leave the town zones. Of course there are many larger and more modern homes as well but they don't make interesting photographs.

Obviously this cattle loading ramp is not used very often, there is an abundance of vegetation taking hold along the full length of the ramp. Unfortunately the afternoon sun was in the wrong aspect for the perfect image. Maybe I'll have to return for a morning shoot.
I could not pass these three horses, peacefully grazing in this lush pasture under a stand of tall trees. This stand of trees was the only one of this type in the area, obviously planted by a past resident many years ago.

Coolum R/C Aero Club

The Coolum R/C Aero Club conducted an open day for interested population to witness what the members do with their time and hard earned cash. I didn't arrive very early and was extremely lucky to gain entry as the number of visitors was overwhelming. The first image here is a true scale model of an early US Army spotter plane. The model has a wing span of about 3 metres and a five cylinder radial engine. The second image here is a true scale model of a more recent US Army plane. This plane is deployed in Iraq and used as an anti tank weapon and also to neutralise vehicle and land based bombs. This model also has a wing span of about 3 metres and is propelled with two jet engines as is the original. The model engines function identically to the full size version except for the lubrication, the full size engine is oil injected and the model has the oil added to the fuel. The third image of this jet model demonstrates the size of the model against the two people beside it. The plane is being readied for flight, this involves the use of a computer to carry out the start-up procedure.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bribie Island

Less than 1 hour south of Buderim is Bribie Island. The greater part of Bribie is National Park and not developed. There is a surf beach to the east at Woorim, there are many holiday apartments here. On the west and adjacent to the access bridge to the main land is Bongaree. This photograph is the foreshore at Bongaree.

Buderim Park

I, along with my wife Judy, have been fortunate to be house/dog sitting for some friends in Buderim, Queensland. Although we have visited the city previously, on this occasion we are staying for a period of five weeks. This has allowed us to discover the many areas that we overlooked the first time around. Very close to the centre of Buderim is, Buderim Park. A delightful stroll through 'rain-forest' vegetation brings you to this wonderful waterfall at the base of a steep gully.